You Know Better

An annual collection of stories and poems, bits and pieces, sketches and collages from a queer girl in Brooklyn. Ambient, thoughtful, unafraid, fits in your pocket. Here's what people say about it:

"A compelling compact read. It's contemplative, it's curious, and I really enjoyed reading it, particularly because it leaves a great deal unanswered."

"I opened it up for what I intended to be a moment and read the whole thing, straight through. I wanted to tell you about its honesty, its bravery, those moments when I said yes, someone else has felt that. It's so insightful, so observant, so rhythmic."

"It's a mixture of validation and reading my older sister's diary. It's so intimate, I feel like I'm in on something."

"I love the way you describe things with what feels like devastating simplicity, as if I were looking down into the water of a lake that had been all muddied up and then suddenly settles and I see to the bottom through my own reflection. It's quiet, unexpected, and sharply focusing."

"Your writing has this quality of stopping time, slowing it down, paying attention to small things and making them important, relevant, and beautiful."

"I almost missed my train stop reading your zine!"

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